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Communication as interaction assumes that people come into contact with each other, exchange certain information to build joint activity, cooperation. That communication as interaction happened trouble-free, it has to consist of the following stages:

It is possible to approach structure of communication differently, in this case the structure by allocation in communication of three interconnected parties will be characterized: communicative, interactive and perceptual Thus schematically we will present structure of communication so:

During the act of communication takes place not simply the movement of information, and mutual transfer of the coded data between two individuals – subjects of communication. Therefore, schematically communication can be represented so: S S. Therefore, exchange of information takes place. But people thus not simply exchange values, they seek to develop thus the general sense And it is possible only in case information not only is accepted, but also comprehended.

The use of these terms conditionally, sometimes in bole-less similar sense is used also by others: in communication allocate three functions – information and communicative, regulatory and communicative, affective and communicative

Communication – the difficult process of interaction between people consisting in exchange of information, and also in perception and understanding each other partners. Subjects of communication are living beings, people. In principle communication is characteristic for any living beings, but only at the level of the person process of communication to become conscious, connected by verbal and nonverbal acts. The person transferring information is called as a communicator, receiving it – the recipient.