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The wrong placement of furniture in the educational room or houses leads to sight violation that is caused by decrease in illumination of a place for occupations. At compliance to admissible standard of illumination at pupils of high school normal sight at 84%, and lack of anomalies at 95,8% is observed. At discrepancy these indicators worsen more than in 2 raza.50

There are parents who very concerned watch formation of their child. They do not understand that teenagers need their guardianship than when those were still children much less. Teenagers become disobedient, are less tender, their opinions often do not coincide with opinion of parents. So the teenager becomes independent human lichnostyyu.52

As a rule, alcohol intake among teenagers is connected either with self-affirmation, or with improvement of mood, or with relief of contacts and is only very rare with search of new feelings. Usually the phenomenon at teenagers – alcohol intake in the company.

Modern teenagers need explanation of need of this or that action. They have to estimate, compare and reflect more, but not use ready stamps it is good, and it is bad. Only after that the teenager can bear social responsibility for the bad behavior.

Thus, we will sum up the general result of a problem of fight against undesirable consequences of acceleration. The following conditions are necessary for the identity of the teenager for the correct formation healthy physically and mentally:

It is very good when the parent is also the tutor who will help the young man to understand the difficulties surrounding it, but helps so that thus to be unostentatious and not to fight the correct direction of aspirations off the teenager.