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As for children with the general underdevelopment of the speech, they observe not contextual perception of the phrase. Its essence is that children when reading perceive words in the phrase is isolated. They do not consider characteristic lexical and grammatical communications of words and if consider, not always have sufficient speech readiness to their perception. They cannot often group the word in the principle of lexical and grammatical compatibility. It leads to that reading quite often turns into guessing that promotes replacement of suffixes, the terminations, prefixes. Shortcomings of mastering of technology of reading influence understanding of the read. These two parties of process of reading are inseparably linked among themselves and mutually cause each other.

Quite often, seeking to unite separately called letters in the course of reading words, children say a senseless set of sounds owing to what the word loses the value. Happens and so that, having called the first two-three letters of the readable word, children try to guess that they have to read. It leads to replacement of the readable word with another, similar on alphabetic structure, but differing on value. Children with an underdevelopment of the speech can read the word correctly and right there, reading it again, to make a mistake, to apprehend it as absolutely new, unknown to them.

To distinguish among themselves any sounds of the speech, both vowels, and concordants. Concordant: ringing and deaf, firm and soft. To allocate any sounds from structure of the word. To be able to unite sounds in syllables, syllables in words. To be able to define sequence of sounds in the word and quantity of syllables. To think out words on the set sound or a syllable.