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The stereotelevision is based on stereoscopy – science about visual perception of tridimentionality of the real world – and on a kolometriya - science about color. By means of stereocolor television new quality of television – reproduction of relief and color of subjects that conducts not only to increase of emotional impact on the viewer, but also to more effective use of communication channels is realized.

Now Xenotech develops the display for several viewers relying on the same principle. But, to tell the truth, serious restrictions of this process — the screen size, some projectors, computer tracking etc. — mean that, as well as the majority available 3D - technologies, the idea of Xenovision is suitable for the market of entertainments and multimedia, than for household television more.

The visual system, as we know, possesses spatial and temporary resolution., and also contrast sensitivity. In other words, we perceive space and the movement discretely. Television broadcasting systems are under construction on the basis of use only of temporary discretization of sight and do not provide transfer of spatial discretization, habitual for an eye, yet.

If in this space to place the photosensitive environment, it will register part of this interferential field. Such photosensitive environment after photochemical processing is called as the hologram. In the elementary case the hologram represents alternation of light and dark strips. The number of interferential strips, that is number of light-dark couples of lines per unit length of the hologram, is called as spatial frequency.

At the same time some more education systems and transfers (consecutive and simultaneous) stereo pairs were offered. Let's consider two schemes for consecutive transfer of shots of a stereo pair as more progressive method.