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The defining moment in cogitative activity is not "equipment" of thinking, and its creative beginning, ability not only to own ready generalizations. but to open new, to go back to higher generalizations.

The literary development understood as development special, necessary for activity in the sphere of verbal art (actually creative and reproducing, reader's activity) deeply is also comprehensively connected with the general intellectual development.

Respectively an ability kernel, according to S. L. Rubenstein, quality of those mental processes which regulate operations, but operations automated though without them performance of concrete activity is not possible is.

The fiction influences very wide sphere of mentality, outlook, the speech, moral behavior in society, collective, a family, esthetic and art development, - in essence, formation of all identity of the person. However, to read and deeply to perceive a work of art, it is necessary to have necessary knowledge, the developed, recreating imagination, emotional responsiveness, feeling of the poetic word, observation, ability to art generalization.

Literary development could be defined previously as development of ability to direct perception of art of the word, difficult abilities consciously to analyze and estimate read, being guided thus by the esthetic criteria and art tastes developed at school at assimilation of a training course of literature and in broad out-of-school communication with art.

From positions of our research such basic theoretical concepts as "the general intellectual development", "special development", "development of the general and special abilities" as the concept of literary development of the school student is included as a structural element into extensive system of these concepts are especially important, it differently is connected with them, in various degree reflects the maintenance of each of them, without losing thus the specifics.

Impact of art on the person is the influence causing usually not unambiguous reaction perceiving. It is caused by a polysemy of an artistic image and possible variability of art perception as identifications of internal state, internal conditions of mental life of this or that person.

But in our research formation of literary abilities was not end in itself in the sense that we did not set the task to achieve that pupils had a need for literary creativity and they would start composing verses and stories. A research problem - formation of some components of literary abilities in that measure which would provide further the most full-fledged perception of works of art, creative approach to their analysis and to any compositions, formation of exact and expressive written language.

In modern methodical literature, in the numerous articles published in periodicals, the great value is attached to strengthening of direct emotional impact of literature on pupils, increase of its role in esthetic education, and also to increase of creative activity of school students.