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activity, scientists came to a conclusion unexpected at first sight: both among excellent students, and among poor there were pupils of all types of higher nervous activity. Thus, relation to study

and braking is replaced easily each other that is shown in ease of alteration old and developments of new dynamic stereotypes. On Hippocrates's classification this type belongs to sanguine temperament.

incentive (the fallen leaf with stopped an animal, causing in it an approximate reflex which slowed down the purposeful movement. The lobotomy was followed also by changes of a mental condition of an animal. It became sluggish, apathetic, spending the most part of time in a dream. At the same time, such animal is inclined to imitative reflexes. If to the room where the lobotomirovanny dog sleeps to enter other healthy animal who starts investigating a situation, new to it, the dog without frontal lobes gets up and starts copying all movements of a healthy dog. When the healthy dog leaves the room, the lobotomirovanny dog falls into a somnolence again.

At the person the active behavior dominates over jet, and is the cornerstone of overcoming of difficulties at achievement of socially significant purposes. In the highest form the active behavior is shown in extreme conditions when at the price of the life of people saves life of other people.

Thus, the characteristic of types offered by Hippocrates, received the natural-science explanation in I.P. Pavlov's works, in a classification basis the main properties of nervous processes - force, an and mobility.

One more advantage of the theory of functional systems before reflex is an emphasis on active nature of purposeful actions and acts of the person and animals. In general the concept focus of behavior was alien to the classical theory of a reflex, and only Anokhin approved the principle of focus of actions and acts as one of the basic principles of activity of organisms. The purposeful behavior can be carried out even contrary to the operating incentives of environment. Such active (but not reaktivno the behavior is connected with existence of strong motivations of the biological or social plan. So, the salmons going on spawning against the stream of the river meet on the

Thus, the major sensitive functions (visual, acoustical, skin sensitivity) are connected with certain sites of bark of big hemispheres (occipital, temporal, post-central zones).