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Social selection - one of the most important functions of institute of formal education. The structure of educational process of an in such a way that it gives the chance already at the most stages to carry out the differentiated approach to trained (to change a training profile for not consulting pupils and, to encourage talented and capable). In a number of the countries including in our country, there are special educational programs for creatively gifted youth which educational work is by all means encouraged, and for the maximum development of their inclinations favorable conditions are created.

Formation at the younger generation of installations, valuable orientations, vital ideals dominating in this society. Thanks to it, the youth joins life of society, and integrated into social system. Training in language, fatherland history, literature, the principles of morals and moral serves as the prerequisite for formation at the younger generation of the all-divided system of values thanks to what it learns to understand other people and itself, become conscious citizens of the country.

The crisis endured in our society painfully touched also education that with the greatest distinctness was shown in falling of social value of education and closely connected with it prestige of teacher's work, caused deformation of educational process.

The model of the social organization (structure) of education can be a predtstavlena as consisting of three main social : heads and organizers of education, teachers and ­. This structural model, considerably simplifies and hardens a real picture as there are various types of educational institutions (initial and average schools, average special educational institutions, the higher school, etc.), with inherent in them of management and pedagogical activity, the contingent of teachers and pupils. Nevertheless from the sociological point of view is quite admissible to allocate the generalized examples of behavior, standard requirements and role instructions corresponding to three specified social positions by means of which social interaction in the course of education is regulated.

These standard requirements to a social role of the teacher are the most general, they do not open many features of a teacher's profession, and first of all activity of those teachers who achieve outstanding results in work with pupils, including with so-called difficult teenagers.

The difficulties noted above in relationship of pupils and Teachers, certainly, considerably reduce efficiency of educational process. Transition to new, democratic relationship between them is the most important link of process of reorganization of education on the humanistic beginnings, but it will become reality only when society in general is reformed on the principles of market economy and democratic will finally be approved in the country. Only then education value will increase in the country, the prestige of a teacher's will increase, and pupils and their parents will be consciously focused on education.