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BS – A base station (in foreign literature they are called – as Radio Fixed Part) provide the demanded radio covering. BS is connected to the controler on one or two couples wires. The base station represents the transceiver ensuring simultaneous functioning on 4 – 12 channels, working for two spaced antennas. BS are carried out in two options – for internal and external placement.

If in the course of connection the new channel is requested from the same BS, transition is called as "intercell handover", and if at other BS — that "intracell handover". This mechanism is called as continuous dynamic distribution of channels (CDCA).

Personal user ID of UPI (User Personal Identity) 16-32 bits long. UPI does not register in devices of memory of subscriber station, and is entered manually when it is required for carrying out procedure of authentication. The UPI identifier is always used together with UAK key.

When developing protocols of the DECT standard the wealth of experience which is saved up at creation of protocols for the ISDN networks was considered. Therefore close interaction of ISDN and DECT is supposed. Such interaction is defined by the IAP and IIP profiles. Both profiles support an identical set of services. The main difference between them consists in a way of connection.

At expansion of system define necessary number of BS and place of their placement on the district. The quantity of BS influences a total cost of system, quality of a radio covering of the served territory and ability of system to provide the demanded traffic. The analysis of two last parameters helps to define optimum number of BS, and in one case the coverage zone raditelefonny communication, in other – providing a traffic can appear the main parameter.

Developed for wireless UATS, DECT it was suitable and for house, and also local local telephone systems. The standard supports also various data-transport services and provides interaction with a communication network of actually any other type.